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Kotlin multiplatform bindings for mongodb driver.

Has a baseline setup for a multiplatform library supporting all kotlin server-side targets.

  • JVM
  • JS (NodeJs)
  • LinuxX64
  • MingwX64
  • MacOSX64

The library tries to integrate with native libraries for each platform to the best of its ability, while also exposing the native objects directly via source property on Monko objects.

Local Setup


  • Debian/Ubuntu: ./scripts/
  • OSX (requires Homebrew): ./scripts/
  • Windows (requires MSYS2): ./scripts/

Running tests

  • Start mongodb: docker run --rm -p 27017:27017 mongo
    • Alternatively you can use docker-compose which also gives you access to mongo-express web interface to interact with the database directly at http://localhost:8081. To run it use docker-compose up command.
  • Run via gradle: ./gradlew allTests or alias ./gradlew test

Docker (On KVM)

First you need to build builder images for each platform (only needs to be done once).

  • Debian/Ubuntu: docker build -t monko-build:ubuntu --build-arg "user=$USER" -f docker/ubuntu.dockerfile .
  • OSX: docker build -t monko-build:osx --build-arg "user=$USER" -f docker/osx.dockerfile .

Then you can run gradle commands of the project on a chosen image as:

  • Debian/Ubuntu: docker run --network host --rm -v "$PWD:/repository" monko-build:ubuntu <gradle commands>
  • OSX: docker run --network host --rm -v "$PWD:/repository" monko-build:osx <gradle commands>