A Twitter Bootstrap base theme for Drupal.
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Bootstrap is a Drupal parent theme based of off Twitter Bootstrap

Required libraries:

Required modules:


  • Extract the contents of http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/assets/bootstrap.zip into your sub theme, or if you have drush installed you can execute the following command: drush bootstrap-subtheme "Subtheme Name" example_bootstrap, your sub theme will automagically be created and the Twitter Bootstrap library will be downloaded and extracted. You may need to clear your cache before running this command.
  • Bootstrap.js requires jQuery 1.7 +, download and enable the dev version of jQuery Update and set the version to 1.7 on the jQuery Update settings page (admin/config/development/jquery_update). Alternatively, if you find 1.7 breaks your administration pages, you can use the following code in your settings.php file to switch between jQuery versions.
if ( arg(0) == 'admin' ) {
  $conf['jquery_update_jquery_version'] = '1.5';
else {
  $conf['jquery_update_jquery_version'] = '1.7';