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The ted package
A (primitive) token list editor
Manuel P\'egouri\'e-Gonnard <>
Just like sed is a stream editor, ted is a token list editor. Actually, it is
not as powerful as sed, but its main feature is that it really works with
tokens, not only characters.
The ted package provides two user macros: \Substitute and \ShowTokens. The first
one is maybe the most useful: it performs substitutions in token lists (even
inside braces). The second displays each token of the list (one per line) with
its catcode (in the list, not just the current one), and can be useful for
debugging or for TeX learners.
The ted package is designed to work well even if strange tokens (that is,
unusual (charcode, catcode) pairs or tokens with a confusing meaning) occur in
the list.
ted.sty: the package itself
ted.pdf: the (English) documentation and commented code
ted-fr.pdf: the French documentation
ted.dtx: single source for both documentations and package
Version info
2007-12-09 v1.0 First release.
2007-12-12 v1.01 Fixed a stupid bug.
2008-03-02 v1.05 - Fixed a bug when trying to substitute AA in a
string ending with A. Also removed a spurious space.
- Added an occurrence counter.
2008-03-07 v1.06 - Fixed a bug in \ShowTokens with active spaces.
- Slightly expanded the doc (examples).
This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. See for the
details of that license.