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LaTeX2e package providing extented variants of \newcommand and friends
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                               The xargs package

            Defining commands with many optional arguments made easy

               Manuel P\'egouri\'e-Gonnard <>


Defining commands with an optional argument is easy in LaTeXe. There is,
however, two limitations: only one argument can be optional and it must
be the first one. The xargs package provide extended variants of
\newcommand & friends, for which these limitations no longer hold. It
allows to control what happens with many consecutive optional arguments.
It also provide a way of making the definition global.

Some features of xargs are similar to those provided by the experimental
`xparse' package, which also allows more flexible argument syntaxes,
though the approach and syntax are different.  However, xargs is not
experimental, so I hope it can be useful while waiting for a stable
LaTeX3 release.


xargs.sty:      the package itself
xargs.pdf:      the (English) documentation and documented code
xargs-fr.pdf:   the French documentation

xargs.dtx:      source for both documentations and package

Version info

2007-10-20  v1.0    First release
2008-03-08  v1.09   Added the usedefault and addprefix keys, not
                    documented yet...
2008-03-22  v1.1    Updated the documentation and fixed a bug in
                    \DeclareRobustCommandx, introduced in v1.09.


This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. See for the
details of that license.

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