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Displays the live HD feed and the live still images from the surf camera at Narragansett Town Beach in Rhode Island. Also scrapes wave forecast information from RhodyCast, NOAA and Wunderground.

Project Layout

By folder, here is a description of the top level directories: HackWinds: The main iOS Application Target. HackWindsCommon: All shared code between targets. The internal folders specify what targets it is shared by (eg. The DataKit folder is shared by all the DataKit Framework targets, while the Extensions folder is shared by the Swift widgets and extensions.

HackWindsTodayWidget: "Today" notification center widget for iOS

HackWindsWatchApp: The WatchOS 2 Bundle target

HackWindsWatchApp Extension: The extension that the WatchOS APP launches.

HackWindsTodayOSX: OSX Notification center widget target

HackWindsDataKit: iOS data kit target

HackWindsDataKitOSX: OSX data kit target

HackWindsDataKitWatchOS: WatchOS 2 data kit target


Current status by platform

iOS: In production, live on the App Store

WatchOS: In production!

OSX: In beta, just needs icons and stuff.


I do not own or claim to own neither the wave camera images or the tide information displayed in this app. This app is simply an interface to make checking the waves easier for surfers when using a phone. I am speifically operating within the user licensing for the Wunderground API's.


This project is realeased under the MIT License.