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A LSP client where events are powered by fsnotify and diagnostics displayed in a simple terminal interface
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exe The EJ Scroll Jan 24, 2020

A LSP client where save events are powered by fsnotify and diagnostics displayed in a minimal terminal interface.

Welcome to reflex-ghcide

Usage: reflex-ghcide [-s|--server ARG] DIR [--root-dir ARG]
  A language client powered by fsnotify

Available options:
  -s,--server ARG          Path to the language server (default: "ghcide")
  DIR                      The directory containing the source files to load
  --root-dir ARG           Path to root dir
  -h,--help                Show this help text


Start reflex-ghcide in the root directory of your project. By default it will try to call ghcide in order to start the language server. The argument is a directory of files which contains the component you want ghcide to load or a single root file which will be loaded on its own.

reflex-ghcide src/

You can also specify to use hie by changing the server argument to a path to the hie executable.

reflex-ghcide -s hie src/

Pointing the client at a single file also works:

reflex-ghcide exe/Main.hs
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