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HazelcastMQ JMS

A JMS 1.1 implementation which layers on top of HazelcastMQ Core. While not a full implementation of the specification, connections, sessions, producers, and consumers on queues and topics are implemented. HazelcastMQ JMS can be used with the Spring Framework's JmsTemplate or Apache Camel's JMS Component to provide a drop-in replacement for existing brokers.


  • JMS 1.1 APIs implemented
  • Send and receive from queues, topics, and temporary queues
  • Transactional message sending (per thread, not session)
  • Text and Bytes message types
  • Message expiration (in the consumer only)
  • Connection start/stop suspended consumer delivery

Not Implemented Yet

  • Object or Stream message types
  • Persistence selection per message
  • Queue or topic browsing
  • Probably 100 other things I've missed

Not Going to Work Any Time Soon

  • Transactional message reception
  • Message selectors
  • Durable subscriptions
  • Message priority


Using HazelcastMQ JMS is a layer on the Core functionality and is similar to using any JMS 1.1 provider:

  1. Create a connection factory
  2. Create a connection
  3. Create a session
  4. Create a message producer or consumer
  5. Send or receive messages

Spring JmsTemplate

Of course you can skip a lot of the JMS API by using support libraries such as Spring's JMSTemplate.

View the example.