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Butler, Estep, Tavener Method - A python based package for measure-theoretic stochastic inverse and forward problems.
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BET is in active development. Hence, some features are still being added and you may find bugs we have overlooked. If you find something please report these problems to us through github so that we can fix them. Thanks!

Please note that we are using continuous integration and issues for bug tracking.

Butler, Estep, Tavener Method

This code has been documented with Sphinx. The documentation is available online ta To build documentation run make html in the doc/ folder. To build/update the documentation use the following commands::

sphinx-apidoc -f -o doc bet
cd doc/
make html
make html

This creates the relevant documentation at BET/gh-pages/html. To change the build location of the documentation you will need to update doc/Makefile.

You will need to run sphinx-apidoc AND reinstall BET anytime a new module or method in the source code has been added. If only the *.rst files have changed then you can simply run make html twice in the doc folder.

Useful scripts are contained in examples/


To run tests in serial call::


To run tests in parallel call::

mpirun -np NPROC nosetests


BET requires the following packages:

  1. numpy
  2. scipy
  3. nose
  4. pyDOE
  5. matplotlib
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