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Git repository to support documentation and development of Ocean Adapt

  • complete_r_script.R:
    • the master script that analyzes data for OceanAdapt
    • Comments at head of script provide for instructions on how to run it
  • data_download/:
    • The trawl data, as downloaded from OceanAdapt
    • Most recent Data_Vis_YYYY_MM_DD.zip contains data files for use with complete_r_script.R
  • data_updates/:
    • The trawl data, ready to be uploaded to the OceanAdapt website
    • Each Data_Updated_YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS-EDT.zip file contains (or should eventually contain, once we fix some bugs) a set of zip files. Each zip file is for a particular trawl survey and is in the format that the OceanAdapt website expects upon uploading.
  • data_raw/:
    • The trawl data files, as originally downloaded from each source
    • Each sub-directory is for a trawl survey in a particular region
    • Within each sub-directory, a zip file YYYY-MM-DD.zip contains the complete set of trawl data, as updated on that day.
  • metaData/:
    • has EML (Ecological Metadata Language) files to document the surveys and the data files.
    • Example data files are also included.
      • These are not completely raw data files directly from the surveys, but have been combined into a single file per survey.
  • R/:
    • R code to support OceanAdapt.
    • Currently has a scripts to
      • generate the initial metadata for each region
      • facilitate updating the data each year