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A node client for sending stuff following the Flaschen Taschen protocol
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Node Flaschen Taschen thing

Trying to make a simple thing for people to send stuff to the big light thing at Noisebridge.


and come see it and interact in person.

Elephant image from


For some examples of how to use this module look in the tests directory, I think

But i don't think npm will let you install the package without imagemagick so make sure you have that installed.

So you can:

npm install flaschenode

And if there are no errors you should be ready to start interacting with the flaschen-taschen.

Basically it gives you an object and you create a datagram as a Buffer as the data attribute and then send it to the flaschen-taschen.

To see if everything works you should just to install this and then run copy one of the example scripts into your directory and hack on it.

So to just send a simple image:

// simple example to make all the pixels on the flaschen taschen to light up white (some might not have all rg and b working tho)

var flaschen = require('flashenode');

// uncomment if sending to local server
//flaschen.hostname = "localhost"

var color = [255, 255, 255];

for(i=0; i < flaschen.width; i++){
  for(j=0; j < flaschen.height; j++){
    flaschen.set(i, j, color)

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