Settings: Collapsed Stack Frames

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When enabled long stack traces will reduced in pattern based group. This will reduce the length of a stack trace when there is a lot of activity within a specific group.

Minimum Stack Size

The minimum number of entries a stack trace should have before it will try to collapse groups.

Skip First Frames

Always skip this number of frames before collapsing. Often the first few lines are the most significant code.

Group Size

If a group reached this length it will be collapsed, otherwise it will be shown in full. Note that the first, skipped, frames will not be included.


Each line defines a group pattern. These patterns are matched to the start of each line. The patterns are matched in order. The first pattern to match will be used to determine a group.

There is one special wildcard: *. This wildcard matches anything up to the next period. What is matched be used to match the following lines.

For example, the pattern java.util.*. will match any of the following lines:

  1. java.util.regex.Pattern
  2. java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap
  3. java.util.logging.Logger

But they are not considered in the same group. Instead the following groups will be identified:

  1. java.util.regex.
  2. java.util.concurrent.
  3. java.util.logging.
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