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BotMan Laravel Starter

This repository is an example Laravel application to instantly start developing cross-platform messaging bots using BotMan.


  1. Create a new bot project using this boilerplate.
composer create-project mpociot/botman-laravel-starter my_new_bot
  1. Install Laravel Valet and use valet share to retrieve a HTTPS URL that you can use in the messaging services for testing. The predefined route is /botman.

  2. Edit your .env file and connect BotMan with your Messaging Services

  3. Modify your bot logic in app/Controllers/BotManController.php and/or routes/botman.php.

  4. Build awesome bots!

If you want to use the Slack RTM API, simply call php artisan botman:listen to let your bot connect to your Slack channel!


BotMan and this boilerplate is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license.