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An intelligence tool for Venmo. Presented at the Layer8 2019 conference. Use wisely - not responsible for any misuse.

Venemy - Authenticated

The authenticated module allows for much more data to be collected. This module requires an API token (provided to all accounts - no additional signups). Look at the Request/Response headers and you will see an api_access_token in the cookie. Put this value into the script for the variable of the same name and run. Note that the token expires every 30 minutes. You can also script account creation - a valid API token is sent in the Reponse header before the account is verified. You can use the token for 30 minutes before having to create another fake account.

Venemy works best when OSINT has been performed and you've identified the person's profile/username. From there, it's easy to extend the tool's functionality. While there is a search API endpoint, I would recommend confirming the profile manually before running anything. You can also use the brute-force module in the unauthenticated script if you know the person's name or username.


Grab basic information from a user from the /user endpoint

python3 --user UserName 

Grab the list of friends from the /user/[id]/friends API endpoint

python3 --friends UserName

Grab the list of transactions from the /user/[id]/feed API endpoint

python3 --trans UserName

Grab all the things - info, friends, transactions

python3 --all UserName

Friend of a friend - provide a username. For each friend in that friend list (from the friend endpoint), it will grab their friend's list e.g. 2nd degree of separation)

python3 --crawl UserName

Venemy - Unauthenticated

If wanting to avoid creating an account, there's an option to use a few of the public API endpoints and some HTML scraping. Note that this module will not return someone's list of friends and only the last five transactions.


Brute-force for a profile - will try several variations of the person's name or suggested username (e.g. if they use they same username for multiple account/sites)

python3 --brute-force UserName or Person's name

Grab very basic information for a user

python3 --user UserName

Grab the list of transactions from the public site

python3 --trans UserName


API Endpoints Guide

Where's that API token again?

Adding pictures to your Neo4j nodes

Layer8 presentation

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