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Experimental Terminal platform built on WebKit + node.js. Currently only for Mac, though the prototype works 90% in any WebKit browser.
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Goal: next gen terminal / command application

Built out of WebKit and Node.js.

Runs in a Mac/Cocoa app, and can be hacked into any WebKit browser (Chrome, Safari).

For the background and architecture, please read and comment on:

TermKit 0.3 alpha TermKit 0.3 alpha TermKit 0.3 alpha

Warning: Alpha version, still under development. Nothing works yet.

Some cool features

  • Smart token-based input with inline autocomplete and automatic escaping
  • Rich output for common tasks and formats, using MIME types + sniffing
  • Asynchronous views for background / parallel tasks
  • Full separation between front/back-end

TermKit is not a...

  • ...Web application. It runs as a regular desktop app.
  • ...Scripting language like PowerShell or bash. It focuses on executing commands only.
  • ...Full terminal emulator. It does not aim to e.g. host 'vim'.
  • ...Reimplementation of the Unix toolchain. It replaces and/or enhances built-in commands and wraps external tools.

(but you could make it do most of those things with plug-ins)

How to use:

Unfortunately, TermKit currently requires some assembly.

  1. Install the Mac development tools (Xcode and friends).
  2. Install node.js.
  3. If not covered in #2, install npm: curl | sh
  4. Install node-mime: npm install mime
  5. Clone the TermKit repository: git clone --recursive
  6. Users of older git versions will need to type: git submodule update --init
  7. Run the NodeKit daemon: cd TermKit/Node; node nodekit.js
  8. Unzip and run the Mac app in Build/

Tip: Press ⌥⌘C to access the WebKit console.


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