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Logo OOI - OPC UA Address Space Model Designer V 4.1

This release

  • OOI - OPC UA Address Space Model Designer (OOI.UA.ModelDesigner.exe)

The OOI - OPC UA Address Space Model Designer supports the graphical design of the process model using OPC UA Information and Address Space concepts. The embedded model compiler may be used to generate all required file formats necessary to deploy custom models using any existing Software Development Kit. It is compliant with the OPC UA Specifications and is a consistent part of the broader concept Object-Oriented Internet.

Getting Started

Download and run the file UA.ModelDesigner.exe to unzip the content to the selected folder and create an icon on the desktop. The application will run after unpacking. To restart the application you may use the icon on the desktop or double click the application file OOI.UA.ModelDesigner.exe in the already selected target folder.

The following step by step instructions will guide you on how to open the examples.

  • Download and unzip the file to any folder
  • The subfolder EmbeddedExample contains two examples
    • BoilerExampleSolution - a set of unmanned boilers spread geographically, which have to be monitored and remotely controlled
    • ADIExempleSolution - a set of models to be used as an example of adopting companion standard models, i.e. analyzer devices integration
  • Now you may run the ASMD application and open the selected solution

See also

The following documents cover details on how to get started using the attached examples.

Known issues

  • The self-extracting zip file and the main application is not code-signed. Unsigned executables maybe not allowed by your company IT policy. The installer package containing signed stuff is on the project road map #89., The further development planning is based on the sponsors' priorities. Any comments and proposals add as the comments to #89.
  • Property grid fonts scaling. Visit #86 to get more. Try the workaround


For assistance, contact:

Copyright (c) 2019 Mariusz Postol

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