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Painless AWS tagging

Tags are critical to managing AWS resources at scale. Awstaghelper provides a command line tool to ease adding and managing tags to and from CSV files across the wide range of AWS resources.

Table of Contents

Usage example



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Getting Started


Get ec2 tags

Get list of ec2 with required tags - awstaghelper ec2 get-ec2-tags
Example: awstaghelper ec2 get-ec2-tags --filename ec2Tag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag ec2

Read csv and tag ec2 - awstaghelper ec2 tag-ec2
Example: awstaghelper ec2 tag-ec2 --filename ec2Tag.csv --profile main

Get security group tags

Get list of SGs with required tags - awstaghelper ec2 get-sg-tags
Example: awstaghelper ec2 get-sg-tags --filename sgTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag security group

Read csv and tag ec2 - awstaghelper ec2 tag-sg
Example: awstaghelper ec2 tag-sg --filename sgTag.csv --profile main


Get rds tags

Get list of rds with required tags - awstaghelper rds get-rds-tags
Example: awstaghelper rds get-rds-tags --filename rdsTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag rds

Read csv and tag rds - awstaghelper rds tag-rds
Example: awstaghelper rds tag-rds --filename rdsTag.csv --profile main


Get lambda tags

Get list of lambda with required tags - awstaghelper lambda get-lambda-tags
Example: awstaghelper lambda get-lambda-tags --filename lambdaTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag lambda

Read csv and tag lambda - awstaghelper lambda tag-lambda
Example: awstaghelper lambda tag-lambda --filename lambdaTag.csv --profile main


Get s3 tags

Get list of s3 with required tags - awstaghelper s3 get-s3-tags
Example: awstaghelper s3 get-s3-tags --filename s3Tag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag s3

Read csv and tag s3 - awstaghelper s3 tag-s3
Example: awstaghelper s3 tag-s3 --filename ec2Tag.csv --profile main


Get elasticache tags

Get list of s3 with required tags - awstaghelper elasticache get-elasticache-tags
Example: awstaghelper elasticache get-elasticache-tags --filename elasticacheTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag elasticache

Read csv and tag s3 - awstaghelper elasticache tag-elasticache
Example: awstaghelper elasticache tag-elasticache --filename elasticacheTag.csv --profile main


Get redshift tags

Get list of redshift with required tags - awstaghelper redshift get-redshift-tags
Example: awstaghelper redshift get-redshift-tags --filename redshiftTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag redshift

Read csv and tag redshift - awstaghelper redshift tag-redshift
Example: awstaghelper redshift tag-redshift --filename redshiftTag.csv --profile main


Get elasticsearch tags

Get list of elasticsearch with required tags - awstaghelper elasticsearch get-elasticsearch-tags
Example: awstaghelper elasticsearch get-elasticsearch-tags --filename elasticsearchTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag elasticsearch

Read csv and tag elasticsearch - awstaghelper elasticsearch tag-elasticsearch
Example: awstaghelper elasticsearch tag-elasticsearch --filename elasticsearchTag.csv --profile main

CloudWatch Logs

Get cloudwatch logs tags

Get list of cloudwatch logs with required tags - awstaghelper cloudwatch get-cwlogs-tags
Example: awstaghelper cloudwatch get-cwlogs-tags --filename cwlTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag cloudwatch logs

Read csv and tag cloudwatch logs - awstaghelper cloudwatch tag-cwlogs
Example: awstaghelper cloudwatch tag-cwlogs --filename cwlTag.csv --profile main

CloudWatch Alarm

Get cloudwatch alarm tags

Get list of cloudwatch alarms with required tags - awstaghelper cloudwatch get-cwalarm-tags
Example: awstaghelper cloudwatch get-cwalarm-tags --filename cwaTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag cloudwatch alarm

Read csv and tag cloudwatch alarm - awstaghelper cloudwatch tag-cwalarm
Example: awstaghelper cloudwatch tag-cwalarms --filename cwaTag.csv --profile main

Config Rule

Get config rule tags

Get list of config rules with required tags - awstaghelper config get-rule-tags
Example: awstaghelper config get-rule-tags --filename ruleTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag config rule

Read csv and tag config rules - awstaghelper config tag-config
Example: awstaghelper config tag-config --filename configTag.csv --profile main

CloudFront distribution

Get distribution tags

Get list of distribution with required tags - awstaghelper cloudfront get-distribution-tags
Example: awstaghelper cloudfront get-distribution-tags --filename distributionTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag distribution

Read csv and tag distribution - awstaghelper cloudfront tag-distribution
Example: awstaghelper cloudfront tag-distribution --filename distributionTag.csv --profile main


Get ElbV2 tags

Get list of elbv2 (appliction, network loadbalancer) with required tags - awstaghelper elb get-elbv2-tags
Example: awstaghelper elb get-elbv2-tags --filename elbv2Tag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag ElbV2

Read csv and tag elbv2 (appliction, network loadbalancer) - awstaghelper elb tag-elbv2
Example: awstaghelper elb tag-elbv2 --filename elbv2Tag.csv --profile main

Kinesis stream

Get stream tags

Get list of kinesis with required tags - awstaghelper kinesis get-stream-tags
Example: awstaghelper kinesis get-stream-tags --filename kinesisTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag streams

Read csv and tag kinesis - awstaghelper kinesis tag-stream
Example: awstaghelper kinesis tag-stream --filename kinesisTag.csv --profile main

Kinesis firehose

Get firehose tags

Get list of kinesis firehose with required tags - awstaghelper kinesis get-firehose-tags
Example: awstaghelper kinesis get-firehose-tags --filename firehoseTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag firehose

Read csv and tag kinesis firehose - awstaghelper kinesis tag-firehose
Example: awstaghelper kinesis tag-firehose --filename firehoseTag.csv --profile main

Iam User

Get user tags

Get list of iam user with required tags - awstaghelper iam get-user-tags
Example: awstaghelper iam get-user-tags --filename userTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag user

Read csv and tag iam user - awstaghelper iam tag-user
Example: awstaghelper iam tag-user --filename userTag.csv --profile main

Iam Role

Get role tags

Get list of iam role with required tags - awstaghelper iam get-role-tags
Example: awstaghelper iam get-role-tags --filename roleTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag role

Read csv and tag iam role - awstaghelper iam tag-role
Example: awstaghelper iam tag-role --filename roleTag.csv --profile main

Elastic Beanstalk

Get elastic beanstalk tags

Get list of elastic beanstalk environnement with required tags - awstaghelper eb get-eb-tags
Example: awstaghelper eb get-eb-tags --filename ebTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag elastic beanstalk environnement

Read csv and tag elastic beanstalk environnement - awstaghelper eb tag-eb
Example: awstaghelper eb tag-eb --filename ebTag.csv --profile main


Get ecr tags

Get list of ecr with required tags - awstaghelper ecr get-repository-tags
Example: awstaghelper ecr get-repository-tags --filename ecrTag.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag ecr

Read csv and tag ecr - awstaghelper ecr tag-repository
Example: awstaghelper ecr tag-repository --filename ecrTag.csv --profile main

AutoScaling groups

Get ASG tags

Get list of ASGs with required tags - awstaghelper asg get-asg-tags

Example: awstaghelper asg get-asg-tags --filename asgTags.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag ASGs

Read csv and tag ASGs - awstaghelper asg tag-asg

Example: awstaghelper asg tag-asg --filename asgTags.csv --profile main

EBS Volumes

Get EBS volume tags

Get list of EBS volumes with required tags - awstaghelper ebs get-ebs-tags

Example: awstaghelper ebs get-ebs-tags --filename ebsTags.csv --tags Name,Owner --profile main

Tag EBS volumes

Read csv and tag EBS volumes - awstaghelper ebs tag-ebs

Example: awstaghelper ebs tag-ebs --filename ebsTags.csv --profile main

Global parameters

filename - path where to write or read data. Supported by every option. Default awsTags.csv
tags - list of tags to read. Supported only with get-tags option. Default Name,Environment
region - aws region to use. Supported by every option. Default us-east-1
profile - aws profile to use. Supported by every option. Default default


  1. Fork it
  2. Download your fork to your PC ( git clone && cd awstaghelper )
  3. Create your feature branch ( git checkout -b my-new-feature )
  4. Make changes and add them ( git add . )
  5. Commit your changes ( git commit -m 'Add some feature' )
  6. Push to the branch ( git push origin my-new-feature )
  7. Create new pull request


Awstaghelper is released under the Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE.txt