Codifying legal rules in machine-executable form
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The Hammurabi Project

Project Overview

The Hammurabi Project is an experiment in representing legal rules as executable computer code. The project consists of a domain specific language that facilitates the modeling of legal rules, as well as a large-scale knowledgebase of rules from a variety of jurisdictions.

For more information, see the project wiki.


The use of this code is subject to a modified MIT license. The license states that this program is not a perfect reflection of the applicable laws, that the user is responsible for undertaking their own legal analysis, and that the program is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.


The project is written in the Wolfram Language (formerly Mathematica). You can use the Wolfram Language for free by registering with Wolfram Research. Then go to the Wolfram Programming Cloud and upload a notebook (.nb) file from this project, using the upload icon in the upper right hand corner of your Programming Cloud home screen. Then you can tinker with the .nb file there.

Each .nb file in this repository is accompanied by a PDF version of itself, since the .nb files do not render well in Github.

If you have any questions, contact me at