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OCI Releases Micronaut 1.3 Featuring Micronaut Data 1.0

InfoQ Java Queue

published March 18, 2020

This example demonstrates Micronaut Data using SQL/JDBC and is adapted from the example-jdbc example offered by Micronaut Data.

Example Structure

  • src/main/java/org/redlich/movies/domain - Entities that map onto database tables.
  • src/main/java/org/redlich/movies/repositories - Micronaut Data Repository interfaces.
  • src/main/java/org/redlich/movies/controllers - Controllers that are injected with the repository interfaces.
  • src/test/java/org/redlich/movies - JUnit 5 tests that test the application.

Example Configuration

The example is configured to use an in-memory H2 database via src/main/resources/application.yml.

The schema is set to generate automatically using the schema-generate: CREATE_DROP setting.

Query logging is enabled in src/main/resources/logback.xml via:

<logger name="" level="debug" />

Running the example

You can run the tests with either ./gradlew test for Gradle or ./mvnw test for Maven.

The application can be run with either ./gradlew run or ./mvnw compile exec:exec.

Alternatively you can import the example into either IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code or Eclipse.

$ curl -w "\n" http://localhost:8080/movies/The%20Green%20Mile

Native Image

A native image can be built by installing GraalVM 19.1 or above and running the following for Gradle:

$ ./gradlew assemble 
$ native-image --no-server -cp build/libs/micronaut-movies-0.1-all.jar

Or for Maven:

$ ./mvnw package 
$ native-image --no-server -cp target/micronaut-movies-0.1.jar


A demonstration of Micronaut Data






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