Google Chrome Omnibox Search Extensions for Developers
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Google Chrome Omnibox Search Extensions for Developers

A collection of omnibox search extensions for Google Chrome™, for searching API reference documentation for a number of different languages and libraries.

Currently we are refactoring these extensions to work with the latest version of Chrome's API. We are also taking advantage of this opportunity to make them behave better, removing the risk of unintended DDOS attacks, and cleaning the code to make the project more maintainable.

We will be updating this list as we republish them. We hope to have most of the list done this month. So if your favourite flavour isn't available now check back soon.

Currently Live


You should be able to check out any of these projects and use as is by installing manually. They still require some refactoring before unleashing them on the Chrome store.

C, C++, UNIX




JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Flash, PHP, SQL


  • Ruby API Search (source code)
  • Rails API Search (source code)
  • Groovy API Search (source code)
  • Matlab API Search (source code)
  • TODO: Drupal
  • TODO: google code projects
  • TODO: google code search completion
  • TODO: chromium source code completion
  • TODO: cmake
  • TODO: svn
  • TODO: git


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