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This adds the pip / pipx commands to upgrade all the dependencies. This makes directed actions like #1225 (comment) unnecessary.

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yewtube, forked from mps-youtube , is a Terminal based YouTube player and downloader. No Youtube API key required.
Visit this page if you want to support maintainers of this project.


Stable Version

Using pip

  1. Install using pip install yewtube
  2. Run using, yt. Enjoy!
  1. Install pipx using pip install pipx
  2. Install yewtube using pipx install yewtube
  3. Now, type yt That's it.

Latest Version

Using pip

  1. Install using pip install git+
  2. Run using, yt. Enjoy!

Using pipx

  1. Install pipx using pip install pipx
  2. Install yewtube using pipx install git+
  3. Now, type yt That's it.

What's new in yewtube?

  • No Youtube API Key required
  • Run audio in VLC with no GUI

See complete and up-to-date changelog here.

These features are still inherited from mps-youtube.

  • Search and play audio/video from YouTube
  • Search tracks of albums by album title
  • Search and import YouTube playlists
  • Create and save local playlists
  • Download audio/video
  • Convert to mp3 & other formats (requires ffmpeg or avconv)
  • View video comments
  • Works with Python 3.x
  • Works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Requires mplayer, mpv or VLC

This project is based on mps-youtube and mps-youtube is based on mps, a terminal based program to search, stream and download music. This implementation uses YouTube as a source of content and can play and download video as well as audio. The pafy library handles interfacing with YouTube.

mps-youtube wiki
yewtube wiki



A standard search is performed by entering / followed by search terms.

You can play all of the search results by giving 1- as input

Repeating song/songs can be done with song_number[loop], for example: 1[3] or 4-6[2]

Local Playlists:

Search result items can easily be stored in local playlists.

YouTube Playlists:

YouTube playlists can be searched and played or saved as local playlists.

A playlist search is performed by // followed by search term.


Content can be downloaded in various formats and resolutions.


A basic comments browser is available to view YouTube user comments.

Music Album Matching:

An album title can be specified and yewtube will attempt to find matches for each track of the album, based on title and duration. Type help search for more info.


Search results can be customised to display additional fields and ordered by various criteria.

This configuration was set up using the following commands

set order views
set columns user:14 date comments rating likes dislikes category:9 views

Type help config for help on configuration options


If installed using pipx

pipx upgrade yewtube

Optionally with upgrading all dependencies:

pipx runpip yewtube install --upgrade-strategy eager --upgrade yewtube

If installed using pip

pip install --upgrade yewtube

Optionally with upgrading all dependencies:

pip install --upgrade-strategy eager --upgrade yewtube


yewtube is run on the command line using the command:


Enter h from within the program for help.

Using yewtube with mpris

  1. Install PyGObject, GTK and their dependencies based on this guide
  2. Install yewtube with mpris extra
> # recommended
> pipx install 'yewtube[mpris]'
> # or
> pip install 'yewtube[mpris]'
  1. check yewtube version
> yt --version
yewtube version    : 2.8.2
yt_dlp version     : 2022.02.04
Python version     : 3.9.7 (default, Nov  7 2021, 15:17:57)
[GCC 11.2.0]
Processor          : x86_64
Machine type       : x86_64
Architecture       : 64bit, ELF
Platform           : Linux-5.13.0-35-generic-x86_64-with-glibc2.34
sys.stdout.enc     : utf-8
default enc        : utf-8
Config dir         : /home/user/.config/mps-youtube
dbus               : 1.2.18
glib               : True
env:TERM           : tmux-256color
env:SHELL          : /usr/bin/zsh
env:LANG           : en_US.UTF-8

If everything working correctly, dbug and glib would have similar result as above text

  1. run set mpris true on yewtube
  2. check with playerctl
> playerctl -l

Check also the common-issue if you are having problem with yewtube.

How to Contribute

Contributions are warmly welcomed! However, please check out the contribution page before making a contribution.


yewtube, forked from mps-youtube , is a Terminal based YouTube player and downloader. No Youtube API key required.







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