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Simple default values for your php code.

Get started

Install via composer

composer install mpscholten/value-or-default

Basic Usage

// Env variables
$tempDir = \MPScholten\valueOrDefault($_ENV['TEMP_DIR'], '/tmp');
// $tempDir is now either $_ENV['TEMP_DIR'] or '/tmp' dependending on whether $_ENV['TEMP_DIR'] is set

// JSON input
$user = json_decode(...);
$userName = \MPScholten\valueOrDefault($user['name'], 'n/a');
// $userName is now either $user['name'] or 'n/a' depending on whether $user['name'] is set and non-null

// Null values
$value = null;
\MPScholten\valueOrDefault($value, 0); // returns 0 because $value == null


You can run the phpunit suite with make

make tests


Feel free to send pull requests!