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This repository contains datasets for experimentation on the paradigm cell-filling task (PCFP) where the task is to fill in the missing forms in a set of morphological inflection tables. For example,

try    INF                       try     INF
       PRES+3+SG         =>      tries   PRES+3+SG
       PRES+PCPLE                trying  PRES+PCPLE
tried  PAST                      tried   PAST

These datasets were used in the experiments for the paper

Miikka Silfverberg and Mans Hulden. An Encoder-Decoder Approach to the Paradigm Cell Filling Problem. EMNLP 2018.

Training and test data

The directory data contains inflection tables for eight languages: Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Latin, Latvian, Spanish and Turkish. These were created based on the Unimorph data sets for each language. Originally, the inflection tables have been crawled from Wiktionary.

Each file contains 1,000 inflection tables randomly sampled from the Unimorph data set for language LAN and part-of-speech POS (LAN is one of de, fi, fr, kat, la, lv, es or tr, and POS is either N for nouns or V for verbs). The files contain the same inflection tables but these tables only show n=1,2 or 3 randomly sampled forms. Your task is to use each file to learn a model which can fill in the missing forms in that file.

Each file contains a varying number of inflection tables. These have been chosen to include Unimorph tables which include at least one word form from the list of 10,000 most frequent word forms for language LAN based on word frequencies in Wikipedia for lan LAN. The file contains the same inflection tables but only the most frequent word forms are shown. The task is to fill in the missing forms.

System outputs

The directory outputs contains the outputs of the models presented in the EMNLP paper. Each file contains outputs for input file The files correspond to the test file The files and are analogous files for the baseline system.


The src directory contains code and documentation for running the experiments in Silfverberg and Hulden (2018).

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