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WhizniumDBE Documentation

This is a collection of files to help with the WhizniumDBE software development procees. Additional help is available in the form of public repositories containing code of example projects.

It is suggested to make a local copy of this repository. Editors such as Visual Studio Code have built-in Markdown rendering functionality.

Files in this repository:

  • glossary.md: WhizniumDBE common expressions and abbreviations
  • include_structure.pdf: hierarchical #include structure of a WhizniumDBE-generated device access library
  • input_files.md: description of the WhizniumDBE model input files

This repository and all the documents within are copyrighted and proprietary information owned by MPSI Technologies GmbH, Munich, Germany.

It may be copied and cloned as an entity for development purposes. No modifications are allowed - in particular, this file and above copyright notice must not be altered or removed.

Last update: September 19, 2018