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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<VoiceCommands xmlns="">
<CommandSet xml:lang="en-us" Name="MyAppCommandSet_en-us">
<Example>Open my schedule</Example>
<Command Name="OpenPage">
<Example>Open my schedule</Example>
<ListenFor RequireAppName="BeforePhrase"> Open [my] {section}</ListenFor>
<ListenFor RequireAppName="AfterPhrase"> Open [my] {section}</ListenFor>
<ListenFor RequireAppName="BeforeOrAfterPhrase"> Open [my] {section} </ListenFor>
<ListenFor RequireAppName="ExplicitlySpecified"> show [my] {builtin:AppName} {section} </ListenFor>
<Feedback> Opening your {section} </Feedback>
<PhraseList Label="section">
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