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SoundCloud PHP API Wrapper Demo Application



This is an demo application based on the SoundCloud PHP API wrapper. It's written using the CodeIgniter framework.

Getting started

In order to the get application up and running you'll need to match the criteria below.

  1. You're running PHP5 or higher
  2. You got Redis installed

Great! Lets get started.

1. Register your application

Head over to SoundCloud and register your new application. You'll need to save the client id, client secret and redirect uri.

2. Create config.php

Copy the config sample using the command below. The command below assume you're standing in the root directory of this repository.

$ cp application/config/config.php.sample application/config/config.php

Open up the config.php file. And edit the following settings below.

  • cache_path: temporary upload directory for the application. Must be writable by the server.
  • salt: unique salt used to secure the user cookies. WordPress offers an excellent salt generator.
  • client_id: your application client id.
  • client_secret: your application client.
  • redirect_uri: your application redirect_uri.
  • redis::host: optional redis host. Only needed if Redis isn't running on localhost.
  • redis::port: optional redis port. Only needed if Redis isn't running on 6379.

3. Create htaccess

Copt the htaccess sample and make sure to edit the RewriteBase if other than /.

$ cp .htaccess.sample .htaccess

4. Voilà!

Your application should now be up and running.

Files of interest

Below you'll find a list of files that might be of interest.



Generates the authorize URL.


Handles the callback when a user has successfully been authorized over at SoundCloud. The supplied OAuth code is traded for an access token. The necessary data are then stored using Redis.


An access token will only stay valid for one hour. This method handles the refresh of the access token.


Ends the current user session.



Validates the supplied post data and uploads the track to SoundCloud.



Get info about the logged in user.



Redirects non logged in users to the connect page and makes sure to refresh the token when needed.