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Emo Vote

Encourage your users be letting them express their feelings by “emoting” rather then voting.

  • Contributors: qvister, Mindpark
  • Tags: emo, vote, plugin
  • Requires at least: 2.7
  • Tested up to: 2.7
  • Stable tag: trunk


Emo Vote let’s you encourage your users be letting them express their feelings by “emoting” rather then voting. Emoting is a fairly simple activity, just press the button that describes your feeling towards the post you just read.

Thanks to Mindpark and especially Joakim Jardenberg for sponsoring the development of this plugin. Without you this plugin wouldn’t exist.

A few features listed below:

  • Choose your own labels for each button.
  • Drag ’n drop the buttons in your own order.
  • Choose a unqiue question for each post, using WordPress custom fields, see FAQ for details.
  • The buttons are fully customizeable using CSS.
  • Emo Vote uses the same localization technique as the well-known function comments_popup_link(). Just replace the parameters according to your current locale, <?php emo_vote_display('No votes','One vote','% votes'); ?>.


  • Download the plugin zip file.
  • Unzip.
  • Upload the emo-vote/ folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  • Navigate to Settings > Emo Vote and customize it as you wish.
  • Place <?php if (function_exists('emo_vote_display')) emo_vote_display('No votes', '1 vote', '% votes'); ?> (localize the strings by replacing the parameters according to your current locale) in your template, for instance in index.php and single.php.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to encourage my users even more by adding a question or statement before the emoting options

This is possible using WordPress built-in custom fields. Add a field with the name emo-vote and choose value.
The value can be unique for each post.

The buttons looks like crappy blue squares in Internet Explorer 6

How about upgrading your browser? Just kidding, some unlucky ones are still stuck with IE6.
I would recommend TwinHelix’s PNGFix.
Place and blank.gif files in your webroot and add behavior: url(/; to the #input_0-#input_4 elements
inside your emo-vote.css file.


  • 1.2.2
  • 1.2.1
    • Added belorussian translation, thanks to ilyuha.
    • Added russian translation, thanks to FatCow.