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MiniTest runner for Spork. A successor to spork-testunit with the following differences:

  • Supports only Ruby 1.9.

  • Allows passing any options to MiniTest.

    Normally you pass them right at the end:

    ruby test/test_first.rb --seed 12345 -n test_truth

    When using testdrb you pass them after a double dash:

    testdrb test/first_test.rb -- --seed 12345 -n test_truth

  • Exits with proper code (0 for success, 1 for failure).

    Some automated test running tools like Autotest and Guard rely on this to detect test failure.

  • Does not support -I option, hardcoded to add . and test to the load path.


Add it to your gemfile.

gem "spork-minitest", "~> 0.0.2"

Install spork into your test helper using the following command or manually.

spork minitest --bootstrap

Start spork and run your tests using testdrb.

testdrb test/integration_test.rb

If you use Autotest you can run all tests over Spork by adding the following lines to your .autotest file.

class Autotest
  # run tests over drb server (spork)
  def make_test_cmd files_to_test
    if files_to_test.empty?
      "" # no tests to run
      "bin/testdrb #{files_to_test.keys.join(' ')}"
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