A PHP class used for accessing thumbalizr's API and cache images locally.
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Thumbalizr PHP class

A PHP class used for accessing thumbalizr’s API and cache images locally. Originally written by the people behind thumbalizr, tweaked by me (Anton Lindqvist).

Note that cache folder need to be writable (i.e chmod 777 cache/). Following options below are available.

  • api_key string
    • info: your unique api-key
    • default: n/a
  • use_local_cache boolean
    • info: either true or false for local image cache
    • default: true
  • local_cache_dir string
    • info: relative cache directory must exists in install directory and be writable
    • default: cache
  • local_cache_expire int
    • info: local chache expiration time in hours
    • default: 12
  • width int
    • info: image width
    • default: 250
  • delay int
    • info: capture delay useful for flash content 5-10 is a good value
    • default: 8
  • encoding string
    • info: either jpg or png
    • default: png
  • quality int
    • info: image quality 10-90
    • default: 90
  • bwidth int
    • info: browser width
    • default: 1280
  • bheight int
    • info: browser height
    • default: 1024
  • mode string
    • info: screen or page
    • default: screen