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Bitmap Font Edition Tools

Hi folks, 

I wrote some tools to design bitmap fonts!

Two C programs, 'edit' and 'view', allow respectively to 
edit one glyph and view a text with the font currently 
being designed. The 'view' tool can get bitten by SIGHUP 
signals to refresh the view. To do this automatically 
when the font gets changed, I made a little shell script 
that uses inotify-tools to monitor the font directory 
energy-efficiently, it is ''. When done editing 
use the '' shell script to convert the font to 
BDF (usable by X11). It does not work for fonts wider 
than 8 pixels, though, so you might have to patch it. 

The font format is I think suckless, a font is simply 
stored in a directory named WxH where W and H are the 
pixel dimensions of the font. Each glyph is then 
stored as an ASCII file named U+NNNN where NNNN is the 
Unicode codepoint of the glyph. Here is what is stored 
in 7x10/U+0041 (glyph 'A') for the leon font 


That way, a font can be stored using git and edited 
using standard text-editors in a reasonable way. 

I now use the font (leon) packaged in the git repo, 
it was pretty fun to design. 

-- mpu

Installing BDF fonts on Linux

    mkdir ~/.fonts/
    chmod go+rx ~/.fonts/

    xset fp+ ~/.fonts/      # put this in .xinitrc
    xset fp rehash          # put this in .xinitrc
    sh FONTPATH > ~/.fonts/myfont.bdf
    mkfontdir ~/.fonts/
    fc-cache -f

Extra information can also be found at: