Chrome extension to send Whatsapp messages to unregistered contacts from Whatsapp Web
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Have you ever tried to start a conversation with someone you've never talked before in Whatsapp Web? It's impossible. You need to use your phone to add the person to your contacts app and you have to start the conversation from there.

Using this Chrome Extension, you don't need to do all this. Simply fill the form with phone number and message and start messaging.

Be careful, you need to refresh the page once the message is sent to see it through the Whatsapp Web UI


There's a fee of 5€ to publish an extension to the Chrome Web Store, so here there are the steps to add it for free as a developer.

  • Download the folder (and unzip it)
  • Go to chrome://extensions
  • Activate the Developer mode
  • Click on Load unpacked extension
  • Select the folder you have downloaded
  • Enjoy it!

Try it by visiting Whatsapp Web