Commits on Feb 22, 2012
  1. (CC) More LKASSERTs in DrawTerrain, and one more check for trenderer …

    pventafridda committed Feb 22, 2012
    …existance after creation.
  2. Fix bug not resetting colortable in terrainrenderer after reinit of c…

    pventafridda committed Feb 22, 2012
    Added more LKASSERTs in terrain renderer.
Commits on Feb 21, 2012
  1. ChangeScreen almost working.. Allow realtime change to any supported …

    pventafridda committed Feb 21, 2012
    Terrain drawn only after changing terrain size, probably forgot something.
    Apart from that, and minor things like mapscale to reset, aircraft size to reset
    (to do with DoInits) it works ok!
  2. (CC) MapWndProc adjust

    pventafridda committed Feb 21, 2012
Commits on Feb 20, 2012
  1. (CC) Move BottomSize init from LKFonts to LKInit, create global Botto…

    pventafridda committed Feb 20, 2012
    …mBarY vertical position of BB for clicks
  2. Fix bug not shutting down LK correctly if a dialog window is open.

    pventafridda committed Feb 20, 2012
    This could be possible only on PC version, where you can click on the X corner to quit a program.
    But the bug would hit even resized LK instances on CE.
    The Close() was missing, and when clicking on X to quit LK, if a dialog was pending it was not
    closed correctly: the modal dialog had previously stopped the message loop dispatcher, and
    as a result inside the main message loop in lk8000.cpp we were not getting the QUIT message.
    So the main thread was left running, as a ghost process. This could happen only on PC, so far,
    but was a pending problem for the cases when we have a full window where you can click an X to quit.
    It remains the question: why WM_CLOSE is not sent to WindowControls message manager? Never mind since
    we now handle the close directly from WM_DESTROY.
  3. (CC) LoadFixedBitmaps, LoadProfileBitmaps moved to InitFunction. Unlo…

    pventafridda committed Feb 20, 2012
    …ads moved to lk8000.cpp winmain.
    LoadFixedBitmaps was in MapWndProc create.
    LoadProfileBitmaps was in Thread_Draw
    Unloaders were in MapWndProc.
    This was not good. We need to stick together creation and deletion of objects.
    By the time being we do it in InitFunction, and unload in winmain. We can change then.
    The LKSwitch for ReloadProfileBitmaps is no more used.
  4. Reduce airspace warning calculation steps to 2

    rkalman committed Feb 20, 2012
    Analysis on PNAs shows that multicalc step 1 does almost nothing,
    it can be executed together with step2, reducing the calculation
    delay by 1 sec.
  5. (CC) All brushes and pens left in MapWnd moved to LKObjects.

    pventafridda committed Feb 20, 2012
    Fixed GDI leak hpCompassBorderDelete error on exit, missing delete hpCompass and hpMapScale2
  6. (CC) Init hAirspaceBrushes and hAboveTerrainBrush inside LKObjects.

    pventafridda committed Feb 20, 2012
    Fixed gdi leak on exit not deleting hAboveTerrainBrush
  7. (CC) MapWindow.h private to public for HPEN , HBRUSH and Colours, hAi…

    pventafridda committed Feb 20, 2012
    …rspacePens and hAirspaceBorderPen inside LKObjects
Commits on Feb 19, 2012
  1. Polish translation fixed

    mpusz committed Feb 19, 2012
Commits on Feb 17, 2012
  1. Fix FreeFlight start not resetting OLC calculation, and FF restart no…

    pventafridda committed Feb 17, 2012
    …t resetting mix max height gained.
  2. Merge branch 'livetrack' of into kalman

    pventafridda committed Feb 17, 2012