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conan-mpusz package for Google Benchmark library.

The package generated with this conanfile can be found at conan-mpusz.

conan client can be downloaded from

Reuse the package

Add conan-mpusz remote

To add conan-mpusz remote to your local conan instance run:

conan remote add conan-mpusz

Basic setup

$ conan install google-benchmark/1.4.1@mpusz/stable --build=missing

Project setup

If you handle multiple dependencies in your project, it would be better to add a conanfile.txt




or if you are using file add:

requires = "google-benchmark/1.4.1@mpusz/stable"

Complete the installation of requirements for your project running:

mkdir build
cd build
conan install .. --build=outdated <your_profile_and_settings>
<your typical build process>

Project setup installs the library (and all its dependencies), and assuming you chose cmake_paths as a generator, it generates conan_paths.cmake file that defines variables to make CMake find_package() work and find all the dependencies in the Conan local cache.

Build package

$ conan create . <user>/<channel> <your_profile_and_settings>

Upload package to server

$ conan upload -r <remote-name> --all google-benchmark/1.4.1@<user>/<channel>