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mpv for Android

Build Status

mpv-android is a video player for Android based on libmpv.


  • Hardware and software video decoding
  • Gesture-based seeking, volume/brightness control and more
  • libass support for styled subtitles
  • Advanced video settings (interpolation, debanding, scalers, ...)
  • Play network streams with the "Open URL" function
  • Background playback, Picture-in-Picture, keyboard input supported

Note that mpv-android is not a library you can embed into your app, but you can look here for inspiration. The important parts are MPVLib, MPVView and the native code. libmpv/ffmpeg is built by these scripts.


You can download mpv-android from the Releases section or

Get it on Google Play

Get it on F-Droid

Building from source

Take a look at inside the buildscripts directory.