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Release Policy

Once or twice a month, a new release is cut off of the master branch and is assigned a 0.X.Y version number, where X is incremented each time a release contains breaking changes, such as changed options or added/removed features, and Y is incremented if a release contains only bugfixes and other minor changes.

Releases are tagged on the master branch and will not be maintained separately.

The goal of releases is to provide Linux distributions with something to package. If you want the newest features, just use the master branch. We try our best to keep it deployable at all times.

Releases other than the latest release are unsupported and unmaintained.

Release procedure

While on master:

  • Update the RELEASE_NOTES file.

  • Update the VERSION file.

  • Update DOCS/client-api-changes.rst and DOCS/interface-changes.rst (in particular, update the last version numbers if necessary)

  • Commit changes.

  • Create signed tag v0.X.Y.

  • Add -UNKNOWN suffix to version in VERSION file.

  • Commit changes, push branch and tag to GitHub.

  • Create a new GitHub release using the content of RELEASE_NOTES related to the new version.

Release notes template

Here is a template that can be used for writing the RELEASE_NOTES file.

Release 0.X.Y



- List of new features


- List of removed features


- List of deprecated features


- List of user-visible changes in behavior

Options and Commands


- List of added options and commands


- List of changed options and commands


- List of renamed options and commands


- List of deprecated options and commands


- List of removed options and commands

Fixes and Minor Enhancements

- List of fixes and minor enhancements

This listing is not complete. There are many more bug fixes and changes. The
complete change log can be viewed by running `git log <start>..<end>` in
the git repository.

Note that the "Release 0.X.Y" title should be removed when creating a new GitHub release.

When creating a new point release its changes should be added on top of the RELEASE_NOTES file (with the appropriate title) so that all the changes in the current 0.X branch will be included. This way the RELEASE_NOTES file can be used by distributors as changelog for point releases too.

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