osc-scalewindowed and osc-scalefullscreen are unreliable/glitchy #3429

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dardoor commented Aug 17, 2016

mpv version and platform

mpv 0.19.0-git-ef2d6ed, Windows

Reproduction steps

  1. --script-opts=osc-scalewindowed=2,osc-scalefullscreen=1 in mpv.conf
  2. open a video windowed
  3. go fullscreen
  4. go back to windowed (exit fullscreen)

Expected behavior

It scales 2x when windowed and 1x when full screen.

Actual behavior

It scales correctly the first time (when opening a file windowed), but later it mostly reverts to default scaling when windowed. Also when full screen it often scales incorrectly (2x).

It's not a big deal for me, because I eventually switched to osc-vidscale=no, but anyway.

@ChrisK2 ChrisK2 was assigned by wm4 Aug 17, 2016
wm4 commented Aug 17, 2016

So what does "later" mean? When you resize the window manually?

dardoor commented Aug 17, 2016 edited

Ah, sorry. I meant when I go fullscreen and windowed several times (pressing F, for example).

dragons4life commented Sep 19, 2016 edited

This is happening to me with the Sourceforge builds (haven't check the official builds, but I did compiled it myself and updated it to the last version and it worked fine)

https://i.lithi.io/2DA2h.webm - sourceforge
https://i.lithi.io/ESmD.webm - compiled with mingw(it happens here once when I go fullscreen)
https://i.lithi.io/6tlkv.txt - log.txt (sourcefoge)
https://i.lithi.io/7tyj.conf - mpv.conf

Compare to him though, I am using osc-vidscale=no and it still happens.


@wiiaboo wiiaboo added a commit to wiiaboo/mpv that referenced this issue Sep 25, 2016
@wiiaboo wiiaboo osc: Fix scaling issues when toggling fullscreen
Fixes #3429
@wm4 wm4 closed this in 29d74ca Sep 25, 2016
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