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@lachs0r lachs0r released this Sep 13, 2017 · 2428 commits to master since this release



  • Windows: handle media keys
  • libmpv: options: add a thread-safe way to notify option updates
  • vd_lavc/vo_opengl: support embedded ICC profiles
  • vo: rendering API abstraction for future non-GL video outputs
  • vo_opengl: add a gamut warning feature to highlight out-of-gamut colors (--gamut-warning)
  • vo_opengl: add direct rendering support (--vd-lavc-dr)
  • vo_opengl: implement (faster) compute shader based EWA kernel
  • vo_opengl: implement HLG OOTF inverse
  • vo_opengl: support HDR peak detection (--hdr-compute-peak)
  • vo_opengl: support float input pixel formats
  • vo_opengl: support loading custom user textures (#4586)
  • vo_opengl: support user compute shaders


  • Remove video equalizer handling from vo_direct3d, vo_sdl, vo_vaapi, and vo_xv (GPL, not worth the effort to support legacy VOs)

Options and Commands


  • macOS: add --no-native-fs option to disable the native macOS fullscreen (#4014)
  • player: add --track-auto-selection option


  • input: use mnemonic names for mouse buttons, same as Qt:
  • options: change --loop semantics
  • player: make --lavfi-complex changeable at runtime
  • vf_eq: remove this filter (GPL; uses libavfilter’s eq filter now, with changed semantics)
  • video: change --deinterlace behavior
  • vo_opengl: generalize HDR tone mapping to gamut mapping, --hdr-tone-mapping → --tone-mapping


  • --field-dominance (GPL-only author, no chance of relicensing)
  • input: drop deprecated "osd" command
  • options: drop --video-aspect-method=hybrid (GPL-only)

Fixes and Minor Enhancements

  • TOOLS/autocrop.lua: fix cropdetect black limit for 10-bit videos
  • TOOLS/lua/autodeint: update to lavfi-bridge
  • TOOLS/lua/status-line: improve and update
  • af_lavrresample: don't call swr_set_compensation() unless necessary (#4716)
  • ao_oss: fix period_size calculation (#4642)
  • ao_rsound: allow setting the host
  • audio: fix spdif mode
  • filter_kernels: correct spline64 kernel
  • macOS: fix media keys input when other Apps steal the priority (#4834)
  • macOS: fix the support of multiple renderers (GPU switch) (#2371)
  • macOS: remove the standard "Show Tab Bar" menu item
  • options: fix --include (#4673)
  • player: fix --end with large values (#4650)
  • player: fix confusion in audio resync code (#4688)
  • player: make refresh seeks slightly more robust (#4757)
  • player: readd smi subtitle extension (#4626)
  • vd_lavc: change auto-probe order to prefer cuda over vdpau-copy
  • vd_lavc: fix device leak with copy-mode hwaccels (#4735)
  • vd_lavc: fix hwdec compatibility with yuvj420p formats
  • vd_lavc: fix mid-stream hwdec fallback
  • vf_vapoursynth: fix inverted sign and restore 10 bit support (#4720)
  • video: increase --monitorpixelaspect range
  • vo_opengl: adjust the rules for linearization (#4631)
  • vo_opengl: scale deband-grain to the signal range
  • vo_opengl: tone map on the maximum signal component
  • x11: fix that window could be resized when using embedding (#4784)
  • ytdl_hook: resolve relative paths when joining segment urls (#4827)
  • ytdl_hook: support fragments with relative paths, fixes segmented DASH

This listing is not complete. Check DOCS/client-api-changes.rst for a history
of changes to the client API, and DOCS/interface-changes.rst for a history
of changes to other user-visible interfaces.

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