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Applications using mpv

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Applications using mpv

Here is a list of third-party programs which use mpv or libmpv in some form. These are unofficial 3rd party projects which are not necessarily directly supported by mpv. Anyone can add their own project by editing this wiki.

This is not a list of recommendations, just something to give 3rd party projects visibility. Many of these projects target niche uses only, or are unmaintained. In particular, there is no mpv GUI frontend officially recommended by the developers.

GUI frontends

  • Baka MPlayer:
    A cross-platform media player based on libmpv.

  • Balss:
    Audiobook player.

  • Deepin Movie:
    Deepin Movie is Deepin Desktop Environment Movie Player.

  • Celluloid:
    A simple GTK+ frontend for libmpv. (formerly GNOME MPV)

  • Haruna:
    A video player built with Qt/QML on top of libmpv.

  • Harmonoid:
    A consistent Material Design-led music player based on libmpv, built with Flutter.

  • IINA:
    A media player for macOS 10.10+ based on mpv.

  • Kawaii-Player:
    Multimedia player, Library Manager and portable media server based on python3 and pyqt5.

  • KikoPlay:
    Player using libmpv and Qt. Includes danmaku feature

  • libretro-mpv:
    A libretro core based on libmpv.

  • Macast:
    A crossplatform menubar application using mpv as DLNA AVTransport Media Renderer.

  • MoonPlayer:
    Video player that can play online videos

  • mpc-qt:
    A media player based on libmpv which aims to reproduce most of the interface and functionality of mpc-hc.

  • mpv-android:
    A media player for Android devices based on libmpv.

  • MPV-EASY Player:
    An easy to use, modern video player based on mpv.

  • mpv-upscale-2x_animejanai:
    Real-time anime upscaling to 4k in mpv with Real-ESRGAN compact models.

    Windows player similar to the original mpv player plus modern GUI.

  • mpvz:
    Qt5/QML based GUI for libmpv. Based on the Tethys theme for Bomi.

  • OvoPlayer:
    Multi-platform audio player & manager using libmpv & other backends.

  • qimgv:
    image viewer with optional video support

  • SMPlayer:
    A cross-platform graphical front-end for MPlayer and forks of Mplayer using GUI widgets offered by Qt.

  • wox-mpv-plugin:
    Wox launcher plugin that controls the mpv media player.

  • xt7-player-mpv:
    A frontend to mpv with extra features.

  • mpv-msix:
    mpv packaged for Windows 10 with single instance mode and file association support.

  • Outplayer:
    A media player for iOS devices based on mpv.

  • ImPlay:
    A cross-platform desktop media player, built on top of mpv and ImGui.


  • BlitzLoop:
    A karaoke app inspired by Japanese karaoke machines.

  • boram:
    boram is a cross-platform WebM converter which embeds libmpv as Chromium PPAPI plugin in order to preview and interactively cut/crop media file to be encoded.

  • DLNAmpvRenderer:
    A Python 3 wrapper script to turn mpv into a DLNA/UPnP renderer (Windows).

  • ff2mpv:
    A Firefox 52+ plugin for playing links in mpv.

  • Karaoke Mugen: Karaoke management app aimed at parties and events using mpv for playback (video + .ass files)

  • MPV_lazy:
    Yet another localization(Chinese) project about mpv-related things. (Windows)

  • mpvQC:
    libmpv based application for quality control of videos

  • Olivia:
    Elegant cloud player for Linux using mpv in slave mode

  • Orion:
    Powerful torrent streamer and downloader with plugin support.

  • Plaincast:
    Plaincast emulates Chromecast and the YouTube app in it enough that you can play YouTube audio from the Android YouTube app. It is designed to run headless on the Raspberry Pi or similar devices.

  • qtube:
    A graphical interface for browsing and watching YouTube built with pyqt, youtube-dl and mpv.

  • SpaceTV:
    SpaceTV is an mpv-based plugin for the SpaceFM file manager which allows SpaceFM to be used as a media center. Since mpv doesn't include a GUI, SpaceFM can be used to select videos to play in mpv, and adds the ability to Resume Last and Resume Prior played videos.

    SpaceTV's script can also be used independently of SpaceFM (it requires only mpv) to add more resume functionality to mpv. It remembers the names of unfinished videos and can resume the last video played, or can step backwards through prior played videos.

  • Stremio:
    A media center designed to be the one-stop hub for video content, based on stremio-shell.

  • Syncplay:
    Free cross-platform open source software that synchronises mpv and other media players to allow for people to watch videos together over the Internet. Includes an mpv lua script to allow for chat messages to be input and displayed from within mpv.

  • VidCutter:
    A simple & fast video cutter & joiner powered by libmpv + FFmpeg and written in PyQt5.

  • vmn:
    An ncurses-based music player that uses libmpv as the backend.

    Converter which uses mpv for interactive cutting and cropping of videos being transcoded to WebM.

  • Vidify:
    Cross-platform tool to reproduce music videos in real-time for the songs playing on any device. Mpv can be chosen as the embedded video player, and it's the default for pre-compiled binaries.

  • TubiTui:
    A lightweight, libre, TUI-based YouTube/Invidious client.

  • tsv_edl.vim:
    A vim plugin to edit video/audio in BBC paper edit style based on captions powered by mpv, socat and ffmpeg.

  • mpvc-tui:
    mpc command-line interface and TUI for mpv.

  • Tablacus Explorer:
    A Windows file manager with add-on support. It lets you use mpv as a file preview window.

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