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Commits on Mar 4, 2012
  1. Add commented PREFIX for Solaris make builds

    Add a commented PREFIX to the Solaris build section since Lua is
    usually installed outside of the default include/link directories.
  2. Use Javascript compat values for Infinity/NaN

    Use Javascript compatible values for Infinity/NaN when encoding invalid
  3. Bump version to 2.1devel

  4. Work around Solaris make limitations

    Remove ?= and := assignment operators from the Makefile since
    they are not supported by Solaris make.
  5. Work around Solaris awk limitations

    Work around Solaris awk limitations:
    - Limit line lengths to 2500 bytes
    - Use "count > 0" instead of "count" for test expression
  6. Add module to suppress exceptions

    Add module to suppress exceptions during JSON conversions.
  7. Update NEWS for 2.0.0 release

  8. Remove ENABLE_CJSON_GLOBAL option

    Remove ENABLE_CJSON_GLOBAL option since it is not recommended or
    necessary and doesn't need to be discussed in the manual.
  9. Update LuaRocks/RPM descriptions

  10. Force binary file mode in util.lua

    Force binary file mode in util.lua to fix the utf8.dat test under
  11. Bump version to 2.0devel

    Bump version to 2.0devel due to significant changes and updated API
    (runtime config not fully backwards compatible).
  12. Simplify string.format() calls

    Simply string.format() calls with OO method notation.
  13. Fix after API change and file moves

    Fix after:
    - "util" module moved to lua/cjson
    - "version" removed
  14. Create separate tests for numbers w/leading zeros

    Create separate tests for numbers with leading zeros. This allows the
    earlier "normal" number test to pass. Also update hexadecimal test to use
    the "p" exponent format.
  15. Fix string length returned by g_fmt.c for |x|<1

    Fix string length returned by built in fpconv_g_fmt() so it doesn't
    include the trailing null when converting numbers |x|<1.
  16. Reserve stack slot for luaL_error() during encode

    Unlike "decode", encoding leaves both the key/value on the stack before
    descending. This leaves no spare room for luaL_error() in case the depth
    check or lua_checkstack() fails. Allocate an extra stack slot to ensure there is always room for
    luaL_error() in json_check_encode_depth().
    Note: this would not have caused a crash or fault due to the EXTRA_STACK
    slot reserve, but it was a misuse of the Lua C API.
  17. Add an RPM %preun script to remove utf8.dat

    Add an RPM %preun script to remove utf8.dat. Otherwise the user
    generated test file will cause RPM to leave behind the cjson/tests
    module directories.
  18. Remove deprecated "refuse_invalid_numbers"

    Remove deprecated "refuse_invalid_numbers" since the version number will
    be bumped to 1.1.0.  Also remove "version" variable since it has been
    replaced by _VERSION.
  19. Bump development version to 1.1devel

  20. Disable registration of cjson global variable

    Disable registration of cjson module table global variable in the
    default build. Automatically creating a variable in the global namespace
    can cause issues for other software and is no longer recommended with
  21. Return boolean values from configuration functions

    Return boolean values from configuration functions to simplify usage in
    the common case. Eg,:
    	if not cjson.encode_invalid_numbers() then .. end
  22. Add depth/index to decode depth error message

    Include depth and character index when throwing decode nesting errors.
    Pre-emptively add a test decoding a massively nested JSON array. Lua
    stack overflow faults are unlikely to occur on simple data structures.
    Valgrind can highlight stack allocation bugs with complicated JSON even
    if the test succeeds.
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