Stockfish Android app (DroidFish) for automated CI using Jenkins/CloudBees
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DroidFish Android app: Automated CI for Android apps using CloudBees/Jenkins. Based on Peter Osterlund's DroidFish version of the Stockfish chess engine. This build runs entirely in the Cloud, using the CloudBees Jenkins service - the required Android SDK, NDK and platform libraries will be downloaded to the workspace automatically.

The final APK can be downloaded from the workspace: /DroidFish/bin/DroidFish-debug.apk

To run the application using the Android emulator:

create avd -n android.16 -t "android-16" -b armeabi-v7a -c 128M

emulator -avd android.16

Wait for the emulator to start...

adb connect localhost:5554

adb install DroidFish-debug.apk

adb shell am start -n org.petero.droidfish/.DroidFish

See this CloudBees blog for more information