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WMQTT IA92 Java utility


WMQTT IA92 Java utility is part of a collection of Java implementations of MQTT client APIs provided by IBM. It provides a simple GUI allowing users to test publication and subscription with their broker.


Before installation of the utility a Java runtime environment is required possible options include:

  • Windows - Sun JRE, OpenJDK, IBM JRE
  • Linux - Sun JRE, OpenJDK, IBM JRE
  • OS X - Default Java JRE

Installing OpenJDK on Ubuntu

The current version of Ubuntu (10.04) provides OpenJDK as the default JRE, this works fine with WMQTT and can be installed from the the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Installing WMQTT on Linux

First download the WMQTT Utility, this is available through the Desktop tools software section. Follow the link for IA92 and download IA92.zip.

Make a directory called mqtt, and extract IA92.zip into it.

Change into the J2SE directory in the ia92 tree and find wmqttSample.jar and run the file:

$ java -jar wmqttSample.jar


  • Connect to the broker, on the local or remote machine, by entering the IP address and pressing Connect.
  • Subscribe to a topic, eg test.
  • Publish a message to the topic test, and the message should be seen in the subscribed topics window.
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