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While mosquitto has been officially added to the Fedora (incl. EPEL), Debian, and Ubuntu repositories, for other Linux distributions you will need to do some more work.

General outline

You should setup the new repo by adding the .repo file to your system.


Run through the following steps as root:

You will be prompted if you wish to install the packages, answer yes.

If you should see a message like the one below. You should answer yes.

Importing GPG key 0x49E1D0B1 "home:oojah OBS Project `<home:oojah@build.opensuse.org>`" from 

You may see the following warnings:

useradd: unknown group mosquitto
warning: user mosquitto does not exist - using root
warning: group mosquitto does not exist - using root

They can be ignored or you can manually create the missing user group details. You should then edit the file ''/etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf'' to suit.

Finally start ''mosquitto'' as a daemon with the line, ''/etc/init.d/mosquitto start''