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Eurorack modules
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Mutable Instruments' Eurorack Modules.

  • Braids: Macro-oscillator.
  • Branches: Dual Bernoulli gate.
  • Clouds: Texture synthesizer.
  • Edges: Quad chiptune digital oscillator.
  • Elements: Modal synthesizer.
  • Frames: Keyframer/mixer.
  • Grids: Topographic drum sequencer.
  • Links: Utility module - buffer, mixer.
  • Peaks: Dual trigger converter.
  • Rings: Resonator.
  • Ripples: Liquid 2-pole BP, 2-pole LP and 4-pole LP filter.
  • Shades: Triple attenuverter.
  • Shelves: EQ filter.
  • Streams: Dual dynamics gate.
  • Tides: Tidal modulator.
  • Volts: +5V power module.
  • Warps: Meta-modulator.
  • Yarns: MIDI interface.


Code (AVR projects): GPL3.0. Code (STM32F projects): MIT license. Hardware: cc-by-sa-3.0 By: Olivier Gillet (

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