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server - get versionNum/username/password from client object #22

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I see that can be grabbed from a connection, but I can't seem to get the versionNum/username/password from the client object (so I can verify auth with a db). I know that the client works with broker using user/pass and versionNum: 3.1.

    clients = { }

    server = mqtt.createServer (client) =>
      console.log 'Broker:mqtt:createServer'

      # Catch when client connects
      client.on 'connect', (packet) =>
        console.log 'Broker:connect'

          returnCode: 0 = packet.client

        console.log 'version: ' + client.versionNum
        console.log 'client: ' + # COMES THROUGH FINE!
        console.log 'username: ' + client.username # undefined
        console.log 'password: ' + client.password # udefined

        clients[] = client

        console.log 'clients: ' + JSON.stringify clients


    server.listen 1883
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