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The LockDown release

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@mquinson mquinson released this 04 May 07:21
· 816 commits to master since this release


  • Accept numbered list items beginning with any number of dots
    (GitHub's #210)


  • Avoid translating Markdown fenced code block info string (GitHub's #194)
  • List Markdown fenced code block info string as text type (GitHub's #195)
  • Support YAML Front Matter (GitHub's #196). This requires YAML::Tiny.
  • Introduce options yfm_keys and yfm_skip_array to respectively
    specify which YAML keys should be translated, and that the array
    content should not be translated.
  • Work around a bug in YAML::Tiny that quotes numbers (GitHub's #217)
  • Add gettext flag "markdown-text" for relevant entries (GitHub's #208)


  • Honor the (existing) --neverwrap option to handle every content verbatim.


  • Add the comments starting with 'TRANSLATORS:' to the po file
    (GitHub's #162)


  • Don't fail nor warn when a closing tag is missing, that's legit in HTML.
    (GitHub's #179)

XML and DocBook:

  • Allow attributes with no value (GitHub's #178).
  • Processing Instructions are handled as inline tags by default, but
    you can change them back to breaking with '-o break-pi' (GitHub's #170)


  • Introduce option to skip array values. (GitHub's #187)

po4a tool:

  • Cleanups and fixups about options' parsing (now tested and documented)
    / \ You may need to upgrage your po4a.conf if you were using
    /!\ "unwanted features" (ie, bugs) of the previous implementation.

  • Do not touch source dir when --destdir is provided (Debian #602387)

  • Pass --add-location=file to msgmerge when receiving option porefs.
    (requires gettext >= 0.19 -- June 2014)

  • Option --master-charset sets the charset of the generated POT file.

  • Option --master-language sets the language of the generated POT file.

  • Add support for addendum path in po4a_paths (Debian #823189)

  • Stop pretending that --porefs can control the wrapping of reference
    comments, as the gettext tools used internally always rewrap them.


  • Rename po4aman-display-po to po4a-display-man
  • Rename po4apod-display-po to po4a-display-pod


  • Use UTF-8 by default (the 20th century is over -- Debian #862460)
    po4a used to prefer ascii unless it proved impossible. But the
    underlying detection would fail, possibly for document containing
    UTF-8 chars composed on printable ascii chars only.
  • Add a --wrap-po option to control how the po file is wrapped, and
    chose between either nicely wrapped files that tend to produce git
    conflicts, or ugly files that are easy to automatically deal with.


  • Completely refactor most tests. They are now more reliable and the
    error messages are much more useful to understand the issues.
  • Many bugs to po4a and the core were ironed out in the process.
  • PO files content are now tested too (GitHub's #67)


  • Various cleanups by Golubev Alexander (GitHub's #190 & #191)


  • New translation: Serbian (cyrillic), thanks Ivan Pesic.
  • Updated: Croatian, thanks Milo Ivir.
  • Updated: Dutch, thanks Frans Spiesschaert.
  • Updated: French, thanks Mattéo Rossillol‑‑Laruelle and Martin Quinson.
  • Updated: German, thanks Helge Kreutzmann.
  • Updated: Hungarian, thanks Balázs Úr.
  • Updated: Italian, thanks Marco Ciampa.
  • Updated: Japanese, thanks Shuuji TAKAHASHI.
  • Updated: Portuguese (Brazil), thanks Rafael Fontenelle.
  • Updated: Russian, thanks Golubev Alexander and Artem.
  • Updated: Spanish, thanks Omar Campagne.
  • Updated: Swedish, thanks Mattias Münster.
  • Updated: Ukrainian, thanks Yuri Chornoivan (українська).