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The Maryna Viazovska Release.

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@mquinson mquinson released this 14 Jul 13:00
· 395 commits to master since this release

Maryna Viazovska was recently awarded a Fields Medal for her work on
the sphere-packing problem in higher dimension.


  • Support Hugo shortcode on macros (GitHub's #352) [Danilo G. Baio]
  • Support automatically numbered callouts (GitHub's #351) [J.N. Avila]
  • Support line breaks (GitHub's #199) [J.N. Avila]


  • Deduplicate the msgids, to prevent the structure desynchronizations
    when the same string is used at several locations, with mismatching types.
    (GitHub's #334) [mquinson]
  • Add some tests for the gettextization feature. [mquinson]


  • Do not check whether the po file is uptodate, as it's impossible to do
    that correctly when several master files are merged in the same POT.
    (GitHub's #156) [mquinson]


  • Improve the error message when using '.de', '.if', '.ie' to hint about
    the option 'groff_code=verbatim|translate' (GitHub's #361) [mquinson]
  • Implement '.el' (else branch) as translate_joined [mquinson]
  • Implement '.de1' (define with no check) as '.de' [mquinson]
  • Implement '.dei', '.dei1' (define with subst) (Debian's #710678) [MQ]
  • Implement '.it' (input trap) as untranslated (GitHub's #339) [mquinson]
  • Make a sensible warning when user-defined macros are not explained to po4a
    with the 'untranslated' option and friends. [mquinson]


  • New option 'yfm_lenient' to proceed even if the YAML Front Matter parser fails.
    Useful when your file starts with an horizontal ruler that is not a YFM.
    (GitHub's #365) [mquinson]
    This introduces a NEW DEPENDENCY: Syntax::Keyword::Try
  • Do not quote the YFM lists to not break them (GitHub's #304) [mquinson].
    Thanks @dbaio for the analysis and @ynojima for an initial patch in doc-l10n-kit.


  • Add a test for tables and stop claiming that they may be broken
    (GitHub's #366, thanks Petter Reinholdtsen).

Other bug fixes:

  • Hide an ugly warning about uninitialized string (GitHub's #360) [mquinson]


  • Updated: Chinese (simplified and traditional), thanks taotieren.
  • Updated: Dutch, thanks Frans Spiesschaert.
  • Updated: Esperanto, thanks Marco Ciampa.
  • Updated: French, thanks jmichault and Jérémie Tarot.
  • Updated: German, thanks Helge Kreutzmann.
  • Updated: Italian, thanks Marco Ciampa.
  • Updated: Norwegian Bokmål, thanks Petter Reinholdtsen.
  • Updated: Portuguese, thanks Hugo Carvalho & Silvério Santos.
  • Updated: Portuguese (Brazil), thanks Rafael Fontenelle and Luiz Fernando Ranghetti.
  • Updated: Serbian (cyrillic), thanks Ivan Pesic.
  • Updated: Spanish, thanks Francisco Serrador.
  • Updated: Ukrainian, thanks Yuri Chornoivan (українська).
  • Updated: Vietnamese, thanks Trần Ngọc Quân.

Status of the binary translation:

  • 5 languages = 100%: de, fr, nb, pt_BR, sr_Cyrl.
  • 11 languages >= 95%: eo (97%), es (97%), hr (97%), hu (95%),
    it (97%), nl (97%), pt (97%), ru (96%),
    uk (98%), zh_CN (97%), zh_Hant(97%).
  • 1 language >= 80%: id (80%).
  • 1 language >= 70%: sv (74%).
  • 8 languages >= 50%: cs (59%), da (62%), et (69%), eu (58%),
    ja (64%), pl (64%), sl (57%), vi (69%).
  • 1 language >= 33%: ca (46%).
  • 6 starting languages: ace (2%), af (7%), ar (14%), kn (7%),
    ko(19%), zh_HK (3%).