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A collection of a few marionette view behaviors that I find myself using often
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A collection of a few marionette view behaviors that I find myself using often. They are quite opinionated for my workflow, however feel free to to contribute and make them more abstracted!

##Installation bower install useful-marionette-view-behaviors --save

##Backgrid A marionette behavior that handles common interactions with a backgrid component. In order to function, it needs to be passed an object containing instances of Backbone.collection, Backgrid.Grid, Backgrid.Extension.Paginator, and Backgrid.Extension.Filter. The view can pass this info to the behavior by calling this.triggerMethod('initializeBackgridComponents'); The view's template should also have the following selectors: '.search', '.submit-search', '.grid', '.paginator', '.filter'

##FoundationOffCanvas A marionette behavior for taking care of interacting with a foundation off canvas element. Can optionally disable scrolling on the body while the off canvas is open. Supports open, close, and toggle of the off canvas.

##LoadingIndicator A Marionette view behavior that will either a) use NProgress or b) display a loading gif when a collection / model is being fetched from the server.

##Modal This behavior takes care of the common functionality of a modal

##ModelFormSave A Marionette view behavior useful for applying to a view that displays a form to update a model. It will loop through the views $el and look for specially marked inputs containing data to save to the model. Will also optionally display validation errors in the dom.

##ModelSaveAnimation @deprecated use LoadingIndicator instead. A marionette view behavior that listens for the view's model to trigger a request event. When this happens, a loading icon is inserted into the view's $el (leaving the css implementation up to you). Once the request has completed, the loading icon is removed.

##ModelValidation A Marionette view behavior that will listen for a view's model(s) to trigger an invalid event. When this happens, the behavior will display the error / error message in an alert

##StateManager A marionette behavior meant for a parent view to keep track of which child view to show. Essentially meant for a multi step process, think along the lines of creating an order on an ecommerce website and having different views to show one at a time, such as customer info, address info, credit card info, etc.

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