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This repository contains the artifacts of our paper at ACSAC'2019. Honoring ACSAC's initiative, we have decided upon releasing both software and data of our work.

Dockerized Approach

Setting up Testbed

Build a docker image using the provided DockerFile. Run docker container with the following parameters: docker run -v /sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup:rw --security-opt seccomp=unconfined {IMAGEID/IMAGENAME}

Please note that our performance measurements are done using benchexec tool which relies on cgroup access. Therefore, you need to make sure that your docker container has r/w access permission to the host's cgroup.

As noted in the paper, in order to generate protected instances for 6 programs, namely cjpeg, djpeg, say, susan, tetris, and toast, we need to use a faster solver. For this purpose, we prepared experimental branches as well as a Dockerfile, which contains the info about the right branches that are needed to be used.


In the docker container eval/local_dataset contains bitcode files for the 19 programs that were used in our evaluations. The same directory can be found in the composition-sip-eval repository.

Running Experiment

In our work we conducted two experiments: coverage optimization (section 6.4) and performance evaluation (section 6.5).

IMPORTANT: All the scripts can be found in the eval directory.

cd eval

Section 6.4

Execute bash

Results will be dumped in ilp_optimization_results.csv

Section 6.5

Run bash

Results will be dumped in performance-evaluation-combined-percentage.pdf

Manual Approach

We recommend the dockerized approach. Interested users, can build the entire toolchain manually.

Protection Passes

  1. Oblivious Hashing and Short Short Oblivious Hashing
  2. Self-Checksumming
  3. Control Flow Integrity

Utility Passes

  1. Partial Protection Pass, i.e. Filter Function
  2. Inter-procedural dependency analyzer
  3. Dependency Graph (external)
  4. Code Mobility Mock

Composition Framework

SIP SHAKER Framework

Evaluation Benchmark

SIP Evaluation

Citation Details (TO APPEAR)

  title={SIP Shaker: Software Integrity Protection Composition},
  author={Ahmadvand, Mohsen and Fischer, Dennis and Banescu, Sebastian},
  booktitle={TO APPEAR in Proceedings of the 35th Annual Computer Security Applications Conference},
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