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A Logical Relation for Martin-Löf Type Theory in Agda

Formalized proof of the decidability of conversion of a dependently typed language in Agda.

The source code for the POPL 2018 paper can be browsed in HTML here. The original code was mostly written by Joakim Öhman (@mr-ohman) in 2016 as Master's thesis supervised by Andrea Vezzosi (@Saizan) and Andreas Abel (@andreasabel).

Since then, the project has been extended in the following ways:

  • The empty type added by Gaëtan Gilbert (@SkySkimmer, 2018).

  • Unit and Σ types added by Wojciech Nawrocki (@Vtec234, 2021).

  • Refactored to use well-scoped syntax by Oskar Eriksson (@fhklfy, 2021).

  • An proof that consistent axioms preserve canonicity by Andreas Abel (@andreasabel, 2021).

... and extensions available separately in their own branches:

  • Stream of natural numbers type added by Kenji Maillard, available in branch stream-nat (@kyoDralliam, 2022).


This project is written in Agda. It is compatible with Agda version ≥ 2.6.1 and the matching standard library. The full list of tested Agda versions can be found in the continuous integration script.