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Interfacing HY32D Display with MSP432

This repository contains a set of libs to interface the HY32D display using 16Bit parallel interface to the SSD1289 display controller and SPI interface to the XPT2046 touch controller.


  • base code structure
  • abstract display class
  • SSD1289 interface class
  • SSD1289 assembler functions for better performance
  • XPT2046 touch controller interface
    • SPI read via DMA
    • measure multiple times
    • touch down detection
    • calibration
  • code documentation

Hardware specification

  • Display HY32D
    • Controller: SSD1289
    • Interface: 16Bit parallel + 5 control pins
    • Touch Controller: XPT2046
    • Interface: 4-Wire SPI + 1 IRQ
    • Backlight PWM
  • µC MSP432p4111


The connected pins and interfaces can be modified in the Board.h.

Current Connections:

  • LCD Data: Port B (P3 + P4)
  • LCD Control: Port C (P5 + P6)
    • LCD Reset: PC.0 (P5.0)
    • LCD RS: PC.1 (P5.1)
    • LCD WR: PC.2 (P5.2)
    • LCD RD: PC.3 (P5.3)
    • LCD CS: PC.4 (P5.4)
  • Backlight PWM: P2.0
  • Touch SPI: EUSCI_B1_SPI
    • Touch IRQ: P6.1
    • Touch CS: P6.2
    • Touch SCK: P6.3
    • Touch SI: P6.4
    • Touch SO: P6.5


The source is based on Code Composer Studio R8.0 including the SimpleLink SDK