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A collection of my personal configuration files. If you spot a snippet which you wrote and you would like me to give you credit for it, let me know.

My git history is probably a mess because I've been keeping my dotfiles synchronized on 4 or 5 systems without the use of branches. I use these dotfiles on my Windows 7 desktop (only Conkeror and Emacs), Cygwin on the same desktop (everything else and Emacs without X), an Arch Linux VM in which I do most of my programming, the Ubuntu 10.04 workstations at the university and a MacBook Pro.


Most of these tweaks come from scavenging other dotfiles repos and technomancy's emacs-starter-kit. I I'm quite proud of my color-theme, bespin (based on Mozilla's Bespin). I primarily use GNU Emacs 23.2 or 23.1 (on the Ubuntu 10.04 workstations at the university). If something is available in ELPA I'll use that version, unless it doesn't work like it should (I'm looking at you smart-tab).


I'm really fond of Conkeror, but I only use it occasionally (It's still my main browser in my Arch Linux VM). I have found a replacement for every Firefox addon I use except for Firefox Sync and FlashBlock which are indispensable for me. I would probably use it more if only I could write my own page-modes, but there's no good tutorial.


I can't tell a zsh shell from a bash shell, but Robby Russell's oh-my-zsh is fantastic. For every platform there is a specific configuration file with some extra settings and the gitpull{win,cyg,lin,osx} functions which provide an easy way to pull from the dotfiles repository on one of the other platforms.


I always run my shells in Screen, I cannot imagine working with shells without it. My hotkey is C-o.